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With over 10 years of experience, Elite Solar & Electrical Services can take care of all your solar and electrical needs to make your dreams a reality. We specialise in residential and commercial rooftop solar, solar battery solutions, new residential electrical, residential electrical renovations and commercial electrical.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is a smart choice for Australian households and businesses. Not only can you use our beautiful sunny climate to save money – you’re also investing in a cleaner future for generations to come by reducing your environmental footprint. We simplify the whole process of solar installation for you so that you can reap optimum benefits from solar power.

Solar Battery

Aside from utilising the solar power in the home or business, the third stage of the energy production process is to store any additional power in a local storage solution. Advances in technology, coupled with a thriving green energy sector, mean that battery storage systems are more affordable and efficient than ever.


We rely so heavily on electrical in our everyday lives that if something isn’t working properly it can cause large inconveniences. Our experienced team are reliable and professional and are able to help with any aspect of residential electrical work.


Elite Solar & Electrical Services

We aim to be one of South Australia's premier solar and electrical service providers. We take an innovative approach to all our work, keeping up with the newest and best-proven products and training. We are proud of the work we do, working towards a cleaner future for our beautiful country while saving our valued customers money on every bill. With a quality system and workmanship guarantee, our customers are happier and more power-efficient with Elite Solar & Electrical Systems.


Residential & Commercial

Modern Solar Technology

We offer the latest in solar panel technology to fit your home or business with the most current solar option.

Trusted Solar Provider

We are a trusted and reliable solar energy provider.
Solar Panel

Guaranteed Performance

All solar panels come with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty and our systems have a 10-year installation and workmanship warranty.

Premium Quality Solar

We only provide the best solar panels in Australia, offering reputable Tier 1 systems at affordable prices.


Our Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on providing faster than average installation times, without cutting corners. We can have your system up and running in nearly half the time that most installers provide. Your residential or commercial property will begin generating clean electricity within an average of 2-3 weeks (based on approval), regardless of system size.

We are committed to providing the best quality components, workmanship, service, and expertise and we have built a reputation for excellence in our customer service for over 10 years.

We would love the opportunity to work with you to take care of all your solar and electrical needs.


Brands & Accreditation


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Our swift-growing network has local consultants and installers ready to help.

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